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Construction workers on work site
HESI incorporates a team of experienced geotechnical and environmental engineers that recover samples for soil sample testing, for the purpose of assessing subsidence claims, right the way through to large housing / commercial developments.

Within the Subsidence setting, the investigation is undertaken to determine the likely cause of the movement, with recommendations regards stabilising the structure and future repair.

The site investigation undertaken for a proposed development site, is undertaken to confirm the most appropriate foundation requirements, soakaway design and impact of the development on the surrounding areas.

In order to make the above assessments, we utilise hand excavated trial pits, hand augured boreholes, shell and auger drilling apparatus, modified window sampling rigs (capable of drilling to ten metres), a complete laboratory service and geotechnical consultancy work.
A typical list of work undertaken is detailed below:
  • Existing Foundation Assessment
  • Hand Augured Boreholes
  • Shell and Auger Drilling Works
  • Window Sampling Works
  • JCB Trial Pitting Works
  • Soakaway Analysis
  • In-situ Sampling and Testing
  • Instrumentation Installation
  • Full Geotechnical Analysis
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Investigation of Brownfield Sites
  • Comprehensive Geotechnical & GeoEnvironmental Reporting
  • Geotechnical Consultancy
Herts & Essex Site Investigations have been providing this service to Civil and Structural Engineers, Property Developers, Local Authorities, Regional Authorities, Architects and smaller self build clientele for over 35 years.
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